Licence RBQ 5670-2970-01
Water Infiltration Problem Correction

Water Infiltration Problem Correction

The restoration of joints and the repair of cracks are important, in order to protect masonry from water infiltration. Any building in the Montreal and surrounding areas is susceptible to damage from being exposed to the extreme weather conditions of the province. Although masonry buildings are made for longevity, they need maintenance to keep them waterproof. Small cracks outside can allow humidity to travel deep into the bricks or concrete, ultimately leading to the deterioration and failure of the building envelope protection.

The experienced masons of Les Entreprises D.R. et Fils can diagnose all the problems and needs of your building.

Thanks to the pairing of the latest products with the know-how of our company, we can provide quick, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Here is the list of key services in water infiltration problem correction:

  • Exterior inspection
  • Exploratory study and expert service
  • Intramural membrane installation
  • Brick, stone and granite restoration
  • Complete or partial masonry joint repair
  • Waterproofing test
  • Caulking and test joint repair
  • Masonry waterproofing

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