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Masonry Repair

Masonry Repair

Les Entreprises D.R. et Fils stand out as masonry entrepreneurs offering integrated turnkey services, and superior know-how in the Montreal, south shore, and north shore areas. At Les Entreprises D.R. et Fils, our main objective is to answer our customers’ needs. We are proud of our team of managers, planners and artisans, who are the best in safety, quality, and productivity.

Our services are offered to homeowners, private companies, municipalities, government agencies, and commercial retailers.

Here is the list of key services in masonry repair:

  • Crack and masonry joint repair
  • Repointing
  • Brick wall swelling repair
  • Apron and lintel repair
  • Chimney rebuild and repair
  • Foundation and support wall repair

For your masonry repair projects, trust Les Entreprises D.R. et Fils! For a free quote, complete our online form.

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