Licence RBQ 5670-2970-01
Cutting-Edge Equipment

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Les Entreprises D.R. et Fils use cutting-edge technology, ensuring that the work is completed while respecting the planned deadlines and budgets. We invest in our internal resources in order to create a culture that promotes high performance, and to guarantee the efficiency of our company. We have all the authorizations and approvals from the Regie du batiment to ensure we work in compliance with regulations, and according to the safety standards that are in place. We also have a 5 million dollar liability insurance.

Owning the right material and specific tools for each task is vital in our industry.

Here is the list of our cutting-edge equipment:

  • Concrete mixers
  • Hydro Mobile hydraulic scaffolding for works at height
  • Telescopic lift trucks
  • Masonry vacuums
  • Electric or gas mortar mixers
  • Protective nets

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